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Eco friendly, ethical, and sustainable 100% organic European  hemp T-shirt since 1997. Grown, knit, and sew each organic hemp  in Europe (NOT China) for true purity. Much of the world's supply of hemp is grown from China, even though the actual hemp T-shirt may be made elsewhere. Our hemp is grown organically in Europe for the finest, longest strand all natural organic baste fiber T-shirt experience.

This 100% Organic Hemp Short-sleeve T-shirt features our world's first and only 100% hemp jersey knit fabric that is soft, silky, breathable, and environmentally-friendly.

This 100% Hemp T-shirt features a modern slimmer cut and shorter sleeves. 100% organic hemp T-shirt is the most popular product ever. 100% elastic-free & lycra-free. No spandex. 100% cotton-free. 100% vegan.


  • Oak (naturally dyed from fresh oak bark)
  • Natural (unbleached & undyed)
  • Orange
  • Oregano (naturally dyed from fresh oregano leaves)
  • Bilberry (naturally dyed from fresh bilberries) (Slate blue color, sometimes more grey)
  • Hemp T-shirt is made from 100% organically grown European hemp knit,  nm18/2 yarn. Featuring natural oak and oregano dyes. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free.

    Hemp is UV-resistant and its hollow cores make for the ultimate breathability: our 100% hemp T-shirt wicks away moisture at a fast rate, keeping you cool and comfy even on the hottest of days. US$55.00