Hemp Socks 100% Organic
Hemp Socks 100% Organic
Hemp Socks 100% Organic
Hemp Socks 100% Organic
Hemp Socks 100% Organic
Hemp Socks 100% Organic

Hemp Socks 100% Organic

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Hemp Socks 100% Organic. All natural, ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly organic hemp socks for the ages - thick, soft, plush, and elastic-free. Our cruelty-free, wool-free 100% organic hemp socks are the most trusted all natural, all organic socks by chemically sensitive people, eco-conscious people, and animal lovers and vegans worldwide since 1997.

Please note: we make our organic hemp socks to be as pure as possible. We do not use sizing chemicals so slight variations in sizing may occur, but our organic terry weave is stretchy so it accommodates these variations well.

Our organic hemp socks do not confine your ankle or calf as the knit is elastic-free. In the olden days, socks were completely natural - like our organic hemp terry socks. All natural organic fibers aren't as tough for socks as polyester or nylon, so holes would develop in stress places, and folks would mend and darn their socks as they wore out. Same with our organic hemp terry socks - we make them as pure as possible, as raw from nature as possible, and you may need to mend or darn your organic cotton socks. 

What is the difference between artificial fiber footwear and our Dvorak Organic Hemp Socks? The natural fiber hemp socks are super thick and cozy and breathable, and being elastic-free don't confine blood circulation and skin breathing.

Hand-wash with cold water and a mild biodegradable detergent. If you must, machine wash in a mesh garment bag using delicate/gentle cycle. Hang to dry. Steam iron as necessary.

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S — for women's 5-8 shoe sizes; men's 7 shoe size. European size: 38-39

M — for women's 9-11 shoe sizes; men's 7-9 shoe sizes. European Size: (40-42)

L — for men's 10-13 shoe sizes; women's 12-14 sizes. European size: (43-46)

XL — for men's 12-15 shoe sizes. European size:(45-47)

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