Light-Weight Hemp T-Shirt

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Lightweight 100% Hemp Short-sleeve T-shirt- $49.00

Tissue-weight 100% Hemp T-shirt. 100% elastic-free & lycra-free. No spandex. 100% cotton-free. 100% vegan.

This Hemp T-shirt is great as an undergarment and great as a standalone, ultra breathable 100% hemp T-shirt.

The Miami Beach Tissue-Weight 100% Hemp T-shirt is as soft as cotton, as smooth as silk, and eco-friendly like no other fiber!

This item is truly rare & unique. Hemp T-shirt features a slim cut and shorter sleeves.

It took many years to be able to knit this ultra lightweight hemp jersey knit — it's the world's first and only single organic European hemp knit.

Hemp T-shirt is made from 100% organically grown European hemp knit. grown, knit, and sew each 100% hemp T-shirt for true purity and environmental sustainability. Featuring natural oak and oregano dyes. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free.

Washing Instructions: Best to hand wash. Fill a basin with warm water and add a mild biodegradable detergent of your choice. Agitate the shirt in the soapy water. Rinse with clean water. Then press water out of the hemp T-shirt. Do not twist. Lay flat to dry on a sweater rack. Due to the very fine  hemp yarns that are used for the knitting, linting may occur: this doesn't affect the performance of this special hemp T-shirt. We do not recommend machine washing and machine drying on this item.