Yogi 100% Organic Hemp Yoga Pants (Unisex)

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Elastic-free Organic Hemp Yoga Pants

For men and women who live the chemical-free sustainable organic yoga lifestyle. Sustainable eco-friendly yoga pants made from a 10oz organic hemp fabric that's super strong for stretching poses and super breathable for all weather use.

Cruelty-free hemp yoga pants are a favorite with our customers since 1997. The hemp yoga pants are cut roomy, straight and square, and on the baggy side for maximum room to maneuver in yoga poses. Hemp yoga pants feature 2 side pockets. Non-toxic plastic-free hemp yoga pants are completely elastic-free, with a hemp drawstring waistband.

Women's and Men's Hemp Yoga Drawstring Pants are made from 100% organically grown European hemp. Vegan eco-friendly organic hemp yoga pants in Europe from start to finish: grown, weaved, and sewn each pair of plastic-free hemp yoga pants for true purity and environmental sustainability. Hemp yoga pants are sweatshop-free and chemical-free.

All sizes,100% organic hemp yoga pants can be ordered with extra-long inseam option (up to 38" long) (add $3). Please note: the extra length in the yoga pants is often sewn into the bottom of the leg, to be let out as needed. Also, with drawstring hemp pants the waist may initially seem very big, until the drawstring is drawn tight. Please try it on first, and tighten the string to suit.

Ethically made and fair trade hemp yoga pants and yoga clothing combine purity with intention, making for truly organic yoga clothing. When clothed in pure, simple, comfortable, & breathable organic yoga clothing, the continuity and flow of form as well as the uninterrupted grounding of body & spirit to Mother Earth liberate and aid the practitioner in her/his quest to discover the supreme one-ness in all things.

Organic Hemp Yoga Pants make them ideal for gardening work, everyday wearing, working out, outdoor exercise, tai chi chuan, karate, and any other activity that requires maximum maneuverability and comfort. They are truly made for the active life yet are also dressy enough for the evening out: the flow and form are sure to elicit an awed comment or two from passersby. The natural fiber of choice for eco-minded, hemp has always been legendary for its ability to wick away moisture at a fast rate, keeping you comfortable even on the hottest of days and well-insulated on cooler ones. Must-have for the hemp/vegan/organic wardrobe.

All Natural Hemp Yoga Pants designed to give you years of wearing pleasure. And for the chemically-sensitive or chemically-adverse, there is just no other choice.

PPP, PP: smallest waists / adolescents P (Petite): for 24–26" waists XS: 26–28" S: 28–31" M: 32–35" L: 36–39" XL: 40–42" XXL: 43–47" 3XL : 48-52"

The best way to care for your hemp pants is to wash at gentle cycle in a meshed laundry bag, or hand-wash. Hang or lay flat to dry. If you must, tumble dry on low/gentle cycle; remove before dry. Can be ironed at the highest linen setting.